Sep 30, 2010

New column up at Project Fanboy:
Haven't been active much lately due to the re-emergence of a neck problem that makes it feel like my head is sitting on top of a pillar of fire.

Sep 22, 2010

New Writing Gig

Also wanted to mention that I will be doing a weekly column for Project Fanboy called Development Hell that takes alook at the production side of comics from idea to publishing.

The first column takes a look at a Warren Ellis project that hung on longer than Johnny Smith's coma in the novel version of THE DEAD ZONE.

Crickets Chirping

It's been quiet lately, so I figured that I'd post some random things.

Had an idea picked for The Line It Is Drawn at CBR, nicely illustrated by Erich Owen.

Working on a couple of CLiNT submissions:

"No One Here Gets Out Alive"
art by Luisa Russo

"Ending Soon"
pencils by Mac Radwanski, inks by Vic Moya

Sep 1, 2010