Sep 30, 2010

New column up at Project Fanboy:
Haven't been active much lately due to the re-emergence of a neck problem that makes it feel like my head is sitting on top of a pillar of fire.

Sep 22, 2010

New Writing Gig

Also wanted to mention that I will be doing a weekly column for Project Fanboy called Development Hell that takes alook at the production side of comics from idea to publishing.

The first column takes a look at a Warren Ellis project that hung on longer than Johnny Smith's coma in the novel version of THE DEAD ZONE.

Crickets Chirping

It's been quiet lately, so I figured that I'd post some random things.

Had an idea picked for The Line It Is Drawn at CBR, nicely illustrated by Erich Owen.

Working on a couple of CLiNT submissions:

"No One Here Gets Out Alive"
art by Luisa Russo

"Ending Soon"
pencils by Mac Radwanski, inks by Vic Moya

Sep 1, 2010

Aug 18, 2010

Roswell - OH MY!

Creating comics work is a truly fascinating process, especially when I'm originating the idea. I liken it to making a short film.

Writer - I look at my job as equal parts screenplay writer, producer and director. In addition to coming up with the idea I assemble the rest of the talent and block out the scenes with stage direction.

Artist - The artist is equal parts director and cinematographer. By laying down the art, they are essentially capturing everything on film and deciding how our movie is going to look.

Colorist - The person laying down colors may be sort of a post-production job, but they also get the cinematography nod. If the art is lacking, good colors can punch it up. If the art is great, great colors make it even more outstanding. We won't even talk about bad colors.

Letterer - Seen by many as the job in comics that anyone can do (well, other than writing), what many don't get is that the letters are the finishing touch to a project. What they put on the page decides the performance of the actors. Bad letters can distract and take a reader out of the moment. Great letters keep a reader in the story, so much that sometimes you don't even notice that these are just words in balloons. They're dialogue to the film you're reading.

With that said, I give you page one of "Roswell". We're past the dailies now and into post-production. Since this is an 8 page story, I'm giving you the first 10 minutes of an 80 minute movie for free - like a film trailer. If you want to see the rest, you've got to go out and get that movie ticket.

Look for "Roswell, Population 37" in the pages of Digital Webbing Presents (issue #2 or #3 I believe) available exclusively - for now - in your neighborhood iTunes store.

Aug 17, 2010

World Tour Update

Here's a taste of the completed art from Karl Slominski for World Tour part 1. In this scene, our boys meet their contact in a shady bar in Sweden.

Aug 9, 2010

Down Time

"Roswell" is essentially done. The art and colors are finalized, and Kel should be knocking out letters very soon. "Cold Trail" is also at the finish line, with Bill wrapping up colors soon and those pages going off to be lettered after that. The first two WORLD TOUR scripts are complete, and Karl should be knocking out art on that shortly.

So I find myself trying to figure out my next project.
1. I'm re-researching the SILVER SPURS graphic novel.
2. I've got the next few WORLD TOUR stories laid out.
3. I've started adapting "Roswell" into a full length feature film script.
4. I'm re-working my script for the OMEGA mini.
5. I'm digging deep to put together the pitch for my semi-secret ongoing series, which I still need to find an artist for. I have an awesome logo the Kep! designed for me already, so score one for the home team.

With all these things lined up, it should seem like I've got enough on my plate to hold me over for a few months. I find my attention wandering though, looking over sequentials and trying to find an artist that I want to work with on something other than what I need to be doing.

I'm thinking about setting up a regular work schedule where I force myself to work on a specific project for a set period of time, but that just seems counter-creative to me for some reason. It doesn't help that the day job has been especially draining of late. Luckily I have a week of vacation time coming up where I can take three or four days and write full time. I'm hoping that works out the kinks with my motivation.

Aug 7, 2010

Another Roswell Page

Colors are done on "Roswell" and pages are in the capable hands of Kel Nuttal for lettering. I figured that I'd show one more page before it goes to print.

Aug 3, 2010

The Dirty Tease

Also wanted to share a character design from Jake Bilbao. How he's not working for
the big two already just confounds me.

Project Updates

Pencils and inks are now complete on "Roswell, Population 37" and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Ayhan. I'll miss getting new pages in my email every day or so. Fast, 100% professional, and never missed a mark on the script.

Mark Roberts has signed on to color the pages, and I've got a great feeling about it. Here's a taste of page 1.

Bill Farmer is working on coloring the SILVER SPURS story, and Karl Slominski is working on pages for the first two WORLD TOUR stories.

I'm working on a collaboration for fun with a guy from the Digital Webbing forums by the name of Samuel Bono. Finishing up the script tonight and sending over for him to draw for fun. Maybe something will come from it - he's got a nice cartoony style and loves pulp/Golden Age stuff. I'm also working on the third WORLD TOUR story, another SILVER SPURS story, a screenplay version of "Roswell" and a secret little project I'll unleash in a month or so.

Jul 21, 2010

WORLD TOUR test pages

Just got a nice looking test page from Karl Slominski. He's a graduate of the Kubert school, has done some work both in comics and commercial art.

The trick now is in seeing other test pages to see if they are a better fit but making a decision quickly so that I make sure I don't lose out on great art.

Jul 20, 2010

"Roswell" Update

Just got word that "Roswell" is approved for Digital Webbing Presents 2.0. Got to start looking for someone to do colors for the art work...

Project Updates

Currently working on a ton of stuff.

SILVER SPURS: "Cold Trail"
The story has been approved & a colorist has been found. Just waiting for the production to be finished up and we're looking at being published in hopefully Digital Webbing Presents 2.0 issue #2 or #3.

"Roswell, Population 37"
Page four is finished, but I'm waiting to get back home before we proceed any further. Previous pages are in front of the editorial staff at DWP, so I'm hoping for a positive response and a greenlight soon.

WORLD TOUR: "Monsters of Rock"
In the midst of an artist search for this completed script, and several promising talents have come forward already. I'm working on the second installment of this project as we speak, and hopefully I can convince someone to become the regular artist on this before Robert Kirkman snatches up all available talent in the vicinity.

OMEGA: "V is for Victory"
Working on character designs with te uber-talented Jake Bilbao. Early returns are looking VERY promising. Script is complete, so thinking the turnaround time should be fairly quick on this one.