Jul 20, 2010

Project Updates

Currently working on a ton of stuff.

SILVER SPURS: "Cold Trail"
The story has been approved & a colorist has been found. Just waiting for the production to be finished up and we're looking at being published in hopefully Digital Webbing Presents 2.0 issue #2 or #3.

"Roswell, Population 37"
Page four is finished, but I'm waiting to get back home before we proceed any further. Previous pages are in front of the editorial staff at DWP, so I'm hoping for a positive response and a greenlight soon.

WORLD TOUR: "Monsters of Rock"
In the midst of an artist search for this completed script, and several promising talents have come forward already. I'm working on the second installment of this project as we speak, and hopefully I can convince someone to become the regular artist on this before Robert Kirkman snatches up all available talent in the vicinity.

OMEGA: "V is for Victory"
Working on character designs with te uber-talented Jake Bilbao. Early returns are looking VERY promising. Script is complete, so thinking the turnaround time should be fairly quick on this one.

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