Aug 3, 2010

Project Updates

Pencils and inks are now complete on "Roswell, Population 37" and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Ayhan. I'll miss getting new pages in my email every day or so. Fast, 100% professional, and never missed a mark on the script.

Mark Roberts has signed on to color the pages, and I've got a great feeling about it. Here's a taste of page 1.

Bill Farmer is working on coloring the SILVER SPURS story, and Karl Slominski is working on pages for the first two WORLD TOUR stories.

I'm working on a collaboration for fun with a guy from the Digital Webbing forums by the name of Samuel Bono. Finishing up the script tonight and sending over for him to draw for fun. Maybe something will come from it - he's got a nice cartoony style and loves pulp/Golden Age stuff. I'm also working on the third WORLD TOUR story, another SILVER SPURS story, a screenplay version of "Roswell" and a secret little project I'll unleash in a month or so.

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