Aug 18, 2010

Roswell - OH MY!

Creating comics work is a truly fascinating process, especially when I'm originating the idea. I liken it to making a short film.

Writer - I look at my job as equal parts screenplay writer, producer and director. In addition to coming up with the idea I assemble the rest of the talent and block out the scenes with stage direction.

Artist - The artist is equal parts director and cinematographer. By laying down the art, they are essentially capturing everything on film and deciding how our movie is going to look.

Colorist - The person laying down colors may be sort of a post-production job, but they also get the cinematography nod. If the art is lacking, good colors can punch it up. If the art is great, great colors make it even more outstanding. We won't even talk about bad colors.

Letterer - Seen by many as the job in comics that anyone can do (well, other than writing), what many don't get is that the letters are the finishing touch to a project. What they put on the page decides the performance of the actors. Bad letters can distract and take a reader out of the moment. Great letters keep a reader in the story, so much that sometimes you don't even notice that these are just words in balloons. They're dialogue to the film you're reading.

With that said, I give you page one of "Roswell". We're past the dailies now and into post-production. Since this is an 8 page story, I'm giving you the first 10 minutes of an 80 minute movie for free - like a film trailer. If you want to see the rest, you've got to go out and get that movie ticket.

Look for "Roswell, Population 37" in the pages of Digital Webbing Presents (issue #2 or #3 I believe) available exclusively - for now - in your neighborhood iTunes store.

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