Dec 25, 2011


It's been a while, but wanted to throw in a buzzer beater before the calendar flips over.

2011 saw my first published comics work, with two stories in DWP 2.0. I'm proud to have had the first story in issue #1 of the relaunch, and got the chance to work with some great pros in the process.

Ayhan Hayrula, William Farmer, Kel Nuttal and many more - I know I'm forgetting a lot - thanks for helping me keep the dream alive and to utterly spoil me as far as working with people in the business goes.

The prose work hit some snags, and I had a few rejection letters come back my way but I'm still working on my first novel and doing shorts when I have the time.

Plans for 2012?

1. Find some creative partners.
2011 has been far more different than just a few years ago when one ad on Digital would ensure that your inbox was absolutely crammed full for a month.

2. Pitch, pitch, and then pitch some more.
Comics publishers are all pretty girls who keeps saying maybe. Rather than thinking that maybe means no, 2012 will be the year when one of them finally gives in and says yes.

3. Silver Spurs
The pitch is completed. The series is outlined. The first story has been published and the second one is on the way. An artist MUST be found, and soon. I think that I've got inks and letters covered, and possibly colors as well. It's those pencils that keep giving me trouble.

4. Feature version of Roswell
My other published story from DWP 2.0 is being turned into a feature length script this year.

Beyond that, the plan is to keep working until the door opens a crack bug enough for mw to stick a foot in.

Goodbye 2011. I've enjoyed our time together, but there's this other girl that I've got my eye on now. Who? Don't worry about it. You probably don't even know her.

...Okay fine. It's 2012 - does that make you happy? I thought we could be adults about this!

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